Persieve BI

Persieve Business Intelligence (BI) leverages historical data to understand products, business and customers better. It empowers decision-makers to explore strategic opportunities across all business lines and create personalized experiences for stakeholders.

  • Study customer insights and make data-backed business decisions to maximize service impact
  • Source customer and financial transaction data from disparate systems and consolidate it into a single-screen view
  • Adapt to market changes and answer the big questions faster with easy-to-use, customizable data visualization tools that provide relevant information to users across different business verticals
  • Simplify information intensive process with cognitive automation


  • Intuitive data presentation
  • Single view insight to product
  • Accurate data analytics
  • Robotic process automation

Value Proposition

  • Easy and customizable data visualization tools
  • Data-mining based on complex algorithms
  • Automated data aggregation for quicker pattern detection
  • Secure with audit trails and traceability

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