Persieve Fraud Management

Persieve Fraud Management is a rules-based, adaptive financial crime management solution that helps mitigate business risks. Customize the inbuilt rules, simulate alerts and set-up seamless workflows to suit the business.

  • Detect and manage financial crime through dynamic transaction monitoring and a full-fledged alerts and case management system
  • Analyse data from multiple streams in real-time, process live transactions and take informed decisions
  • Reduce false-positives and improve accuracy with alert simulations


  • Efficient customer profiling
  • Easy transaction monitoring
  • Multi-user, Multi-tenant
  • In-built rule builder
  • Dynamic pattern recognition
  • Easy case escalation

Value Proposition

  • Accurate, reliable intelligence
  • Unified platform for data analysis and financial crime verification
  • Robotic process automation for improved efficiency and productivity

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